Buying Vs. Leasing

Is Buying or Leasing the Best Option for You?

Finding the new Toyota that’s perfect for you is always exciting, but the process you have to go through to get it out on the road can be a little stressful. Well here at Hanover Toyota we strive to make that process as easy as possible, starting by helping you decided whether you should buy or lease your new Toyota in the Hanover, PA area. Each option has unique benefits:

The benefits of leasing your new Toyota:

  • Your monthly payments will be lower.
  • Returning your vehicle at the end of your lease is much simpler than trying to sell it.
  • You get to drive the newest models every couple of years when you trade in your vehicle.
  • You’ll spend less money on maintenance and repairs, since you’ll only be driving the vehicle for a few years.
  • Rather than paying taxes on the full price of the vehicle, you’ll only be taxed on your monthly payments.

The benefits of buying Toyota:

  • There’s no restriction on how long you can keep it.
  • Once you’ve paid off your loans, you can drive your vehicle payment-free for years.
  • Without any mileage restrictions, you can drive as much as you want.
  • If you want to modify your vehicle, you are free to do so.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of buying or leasing your new Toyota, visit our finance center, where our experts will gladly share any information you might need to make the right choice for you. We will do whatever we can to help this process go smoothly so you can get out on the Hanover, York, PA and Westminster, Cockeysville, MD roads sooner.